Sassy Luke : Etchings & Prints

The majority of my etchings are inspired by novels, where, often one sentence can conjure up a whole series of etchings. I usually choose a somewhat surreal context to illustrate, and again I let my imagination run away with itself. This often takes the form of creating dramatic tension, through the interplay of light and dark, the distortion of scale and choice of subject matter.

This work has been used for book illustrations, magazine features and a set of playing cards is, at this time, in the process of being developed. I feel this type of work would be equally suitable for Theatre Design.

“By mixing the ordinary with the extraordinary, Sassy Luke creates images that are not easily forgotten”   
Sussex Arts Club (Brighton) - Review.

“These etchings send me into a totally different world “ Forever etched on my mind."
Juanita Homan - Private Collector