Sassy Luke : Paintings

Anything is possible in my art. I tend to always have an entrance and an exit within my work. This, I believe, keeps the spectators imagination engaged and it is their personal interpretation as to how the story unfolds for them.

Although not a storyline or narrative as such, I want the viewer to expand on what I have put down and to use their imagination. The boundaries are blurred, which makes you look twice. I don’t want my work to be understood. I want it to be allusive, I believe that in grasping an allusion, we enter a shared experience.

I do not intend for it to be a finished piece of artwork as such, but more of a starting point. I believe in letting the imagination run riot, and intend to only make mere suggestions. A starting point for the viewer to expand upon and dream with…

“The more I look at it, the more I see. Every day I notice something new”
Dean Williams, Private Collector, St Leonards on Sea

"Alice in Wonderland, as seen by Dali."
Jim Mooney, Private Collector, USA